The first Italian club to win the
European cup meets the
platform that pioneered
modern crypto trading.

When AC Milan’s red and black stripes
were first donned in 1899, it didn’t set
out to participate, it set out to change
the game. And when BitMEX was
founded in 2014, it changed how the
world traded crypto forever.

But no one can change the game
alone. It takes vision, a team, and
a leader; one that inspires and
does what others can’t. Will you
change the game?

Are you born to lead?

BMEX Token
The Token for True Believers

The game has changed and crypto will conquer —
BitMEX’s token was made for those who truly
believe in the power of crypto. The BMEX Token
powers the BitMEX ecosystem and gives you access
to discounts, rewards, and special privileges.



Deposit your crypto.
Watch it grow. Earn the play.

BitMEX EARN puts your crypto to work for you.
Hodlers can deposit their crypto into BitMEX
EARN to reap returns. Who knows, you could
even earn the chance to hangout with our
favourite player.